Olea Edge Analytics

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with new technology so effective that the solution pays for itself in months.

Even the "smartest" cities are relying on aging infrastructure to deliver water to their growing communities

...and they're losing billions just due to broken water meters.

$3.9 B

loss each year in industrial/commercial billing

> 10%

commercial water meters are not working properly

Our solution turns every meter into a super-smart meter.

Hardware detects anomalies in real-time so you know exactly where you're losing money.

Software recommends the best fix based on complexity and financial impact.

Increase revenue without changing tariff rates or billing structure

Generate >10% revenue increase after complete implementation.

Realize ROI immediately with prioritized meter maintenance recommendations.

Access real-time, data-driven intelligence on your meter health

Prioritize fixes based on financial impact and complexity.

Ensure accurate, reliable meter diagnostics with patented sensor pack.

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